Sponsors make Charity Storage possible!

There are three levels of financial sponsorship. We are grateful and want to recognize organizations that have contributed to Charity Storage.

We are nothing without our Founders, Partners, and Advocates.

Charity Storage has three (3) levels of financial support. Charity Storage would not be possible without your support. We are always looking for greater support and a larger network to build our community.

For more information on supporting Charity Storage, click here.

  • Charity Founders donate at least $10,000 dollars. The generosity of these groups is critical to the creation and sustained operations of Charity Storage. Thank you Founders!!! Please go to the Charity Founder's page and click on the logos or Social Media buttons to explore these great companies. Please post a BIG "Thank You" on their Facebook walls.

  • Charity Advocates donate at least $2,500 dollars. We are endlessly grateful for their support. Send them a huge "Thank You" from the community!

  • Charity Partners donate in kind to Charity Storage. Their sponsorship is essential to our operations and we are grateful to all of our Charity Partners. Please support those that support others.