Club Kids in Danger Saved, Inc.

Club Kids in Danger Saved, Inc.
Charity Name: Club Kids in Danger Saved, Inc.

Club Kids mission is to empower the kids with the knowledge, strength, and determination to become a better person and citizen of the community. By educating them with the skills they need to succeed. Our goal is to keep them out of trouble, off the streets, out of gangs, and out of jail by giving them an alternative to the dangerous streets. By offering them creative activities in a controlled environment and introducing them to a new and different world through Arts, Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment.

Phone Number: 414-380-3853
Contact Email:
Address 1: 304 S. Jones Blvd, #3124
City: Las Vegas
State/Province: NV
Zip/Postal Code: 89107
Country: United States
Contact Name: Marcus Duke
Tax ID: 39-1991555
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